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>In the epilogue, Kiki and Michel journey off together to find Shiro and
>Aina. Now, I get the impression that they are a couple. Am I right about

Yes -- just as I predicted when Michel Ninoritch got the "Dear John" letter
from BB. With Shiro so obviously enamored of Aina, it was inevitable that
Kiki Logita would turn her affections to Michel, the only available male of
her age, and vice versa.

Since Telly Sanders Jr. didn't end up sacrificing himself in battle, Karen
Joshua now has a choice, but I stand by my original prediction that she'd
inevitabley come to appreciate Eledore Machis and return his affection.

Old Jidan Nickerd has his lady friend Maria, so everyone's matched up
except Telly -- that was one of the reasons I figured him for a dead man at
the time. Maybe he can get lucky with Sally, the "babe" of the 07th MS Teamů?

(FYI, the 07th MS Team consists of Sally, a hunky type named Rob and a
skull-faced anorectic-looking fellow named Mike.


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