Mark Kuettner (
Thu, 09 Sep 1999 19:42:43 PDT

>Are there any gundam or general modelling books for people to buy? I
>need some help in modelling because i am new in this field. And anyone
>knows where i can buy or find Neon Genesis Evangelion Model Book: How
>to Make Evangelion guide book and making eva models. The title of the
>book is "E Ji Hua" (E Project in english) and there is pictures of the
>red eva/and 2 pictures of the purple eva. Thanks.

I suggest going to a hobby store and buying any Kalambach books
pertaining to modeling, especially tank modelling. You can also order
these books through Fine Scale Modeller, which is sold at most book
stores. The basic techniques and such are easily applied to Gundam
modelling, and it's in english!

Mark Kai

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