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Thu, 9 Sep 1999 21:48:15 -0400

Please note: Delete this message if you don't care to know about the recent
OT happenings on this list. This has almost nothing to do with Gundam :)

All right,
I normally don't do this, but it seems to be getting a little bit nutso
around here, so here I go:
Being one of the old farts around here, would you all please take it easy.
Not to say that you are acting like children, but this is getting close to
outta hand.
There is one thing about the written language, and it's that it is open for
interpretation. It doesn't matter how you, and that is any one, me
included, say anything on any topic. It is how the other party understands
it. Now, I am not here to tell you what is proper and what is not. In good
faith, we are all good people here, and I MEANT ALL! So what if we get
hostile once in a while, everyone can have a bad day and get a little on the
We all would like the GML to be the list that shows all info that we are
interested in and can care less at times about items that we want nothing to
do with. Quite frankly, I can care less about a lot of the stuff that has
to do with the Turn A and G and a few others, but someone on this list
cares. So I just exercise my delete key to skip through what I don't want to
see. No big whoop. And you know what, because not everyone of us change the
SUBJECT when we change subject in a long thread, I sometimes miss some stuff
and it looks like it came outta no where.
All and all, I have had dealings with many of you, and all of you are good
And for what ever reasons, don't take anything personally, unless it is
blatant personal insult. Then it should be carried off list. We are all
adults here. So what if a newbie ask a question that was answered two days
ago, kindly refer them to that post. If we keep on pointing fingers at each
other, this will never end, and the list will die. I am sure that is not
what all of you want.
Please note that this is a place for everyone to freely express themselves,
but be considerate of others opinion. Everyone is entitle to their own, and
if you don't like someone's opinion, now you know where they stand and where
you stand. That should be good enough.
So please, let the GML be what it is, and if you feel insulted, or
misunderstood, take a deep breath, which many of you have already done, and
say, hey, it's just someone's opinion.
As Cartman would say, "Screw you guys, I'm going home>" (BIG LAUGH)

Everything will be just fine if you let it be.

Sorry about the long post.
The round one
Gus Jae

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