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> Certainly, a lot of us occasionally lose our tempers (god knows I do), but
> no one consistantly displays the attitude of disrespect that Eddie does.
> addition to the occasional flame, we also have to deal with the
> insults, both overt and veiled, as well as his attitude that he knows ever
> so much more than the rest of us, even though he doesn't have half the
> knowlege that either of the Marks, or Z have. Look at his exchange last
> night with Richie and Aaron. When he did respond, he came across as being
> snide and sarcastic, at least to me.

I totally agree with the above.

Let me make this clear to everyone:

I DO NOT want to flame or attack anyone, including Eddie. My responses to
Eddie yesterday where to defend myself, not to flame him. I have kept quiet
as long as I could about Eddie, but yesterdays comments to me from him
couldn't be ignored. I dread reading my email from the list everyday, as
there's a chance of a snide or rude comment from Eddie, to any email on this
list. Everyone else on this ML are very good people, IMO. People on the ML
have disagreed, but eventually work it out, without being rude, snide, etc.
Yes, I could leave the ML, but I'm not, because I enjoy this ML a lot and
don't have to leave just because someone's being rude. PLEASE, don't turn
this into a flame war anyone, because its not right and will hurt this ML.


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