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>Subject: [gundam] 08th Team Questions
>Date: Thu, 09 Sep 1999 17:35:16 GMT
>Having yet to see more than the first couple eps of 08th MS Team, I do have
>some questions that I need to ask for GundamMUSH about the fates of some of
>the characters following the end of the OVA.
>1) When the time comes for people to start choosing sides in early 0084,
>do you think that the various members of the 08th Team would divide up,
>based on their attitudes during the OVA?
>2) I have yet to see the Epilogue. Did Shiro in fact lose one of his legs?
>Also, I need a list of characters who survived to be sent to me OFF LIST.
>This way there won't be any spoilers for those who havn't seen the entire
>series, and don't need to know now.
One more question:

In the epilogue, Kiki and Michel journey off together to find Shiro and
Aina. Now, I get the impression that they are a couple. Am I right about

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