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To all GML subscribers,

      In light of Richie and Aaron's recent responses
to Eddie Ju's tirades, I decide to post an open letter
to everyone here at Gundam Mailing List.

      The spirit of GML is to allow Gundam fans from
all walks of life to express their view and asking
questions in a relax and pleasant atmosphere, without
any worry of being looked down or spurned by people
who feel they are superior than the other. Yet, in the
several months, this very spirit or chemistry that
keep GML thriving for so long is in danger of coming
apart. In particular, everyone of us in this ML who
are subjected to the on-going reckless responses by
Eddie Ju, who's "I-am-smarter-than-you" point of view
has angered so many long-time subscribers (myself
included) and scare off the new ones. His recent
barrage regarding female Gundam pilots, namely the
"who cares?" post,

clearly demonstrate his total disregard of current AC
Gundam fans on this ML. Later, in one of his recent
post he said he will post a synopsis on the AC
Gundam world in sync with Tomino's philosophy:

Now isn't that contradicting? or is it his one-off
carelessness in responding our mail, which has been
ongoing for several months already? or, as many of us
come to realize, his penchant in discrediting other
subscribers' opinion and creating the image that his
view means all?

      To further illustrate his rudeness to other GML
subscribers, he brought up an OT topic, a recent
Canadian news on "South Park", and saying Canadians
are being humor-impaired:

Being lived in Canada and accustomed to Canadian
culture for the past decade, I am just as angry as all
the Canadian GML subscribers when we saw Eddie's
reponse. I can tell everyone in this ML the Canadian
people are fun-loving and humorous just as their
southern neighbours. This kind of unwarranted personal
attack towards people of certain nationality, gender,
ethicity, etc. should not exist anywhere. Make no
mistake, the Internet offers a free space for everyone
to expess their opinion, but free doesn't mean
anarchic. Even in the 'Net we must observe the
'Netiquette, Eddie, and rubbing people the wrong way
could make you unpopular whether you are in virtual
space or in real life.

      His ignorance? When a subscriber asked for an
opinion on "The 08th MS Team" series, Eddie's made a
response apparently without watching the entire
and then stating that our own Kota Fujimura wrote a
synopsis for "Last Resort", 08's final episode on this

Anyone who've searched through the GML achives in July
and August this year knows that during this period,
Kota did not pose any message on this ML until early
this month, and so far the only synopsis for 08's
"Last Resort" on this ML is written by me in August,
when someone asked what happened to the lead
characters in the end:

Other examples are his constant attack at new
subscribers of not looking through GML achives for
seems to be obvious Gundam questions. I agree that all
subscribers should look to GML achives, but this is
the exact reason why people join this ML: to look for
answers by asking, when all means are exhausted. It is
the attitude like Eddie's that drives new subscribers
away and soured many longtime subscribers, resulting
in a very unpleasent atmosphere everytime we open the

      Make no mistake, everyone. This is not a flame
mail and I have no intention to start a flame war.
This letter is neither a witch-hunt nor a kangaroo
court of any kind. I am neither a watchdog nor "moral
police" of this ML, but on behalf of many subscribers
who had been angered by Eddie Ju's rude and ignorant
responses, I have only one thing to say:

Get wise, Eddie, or face the Minovsky silence in this
ML, forever.


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