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>> Look man, I was trying to be clear in my reasoning, instead of tossing out
>> a bunch of one liners that doesn't really make any sense. I am sorry you
>> have to take it the wrong way, but no rudeness was intended. (Why do I
>> apologizing? I feel like I am apologizing to a thug who just ran me over
>> and insisted that it was MY fault, hehe :) :) :)

THAT was snide, Eddie. AND it proves you know how to use iconics. And if
you feel bad about being "run over", how do you think I felt when you used
my name to further illustrate that i was wrong to shoot my mouth off to you
(remember chogokin?)? the way you phrased it told me exactly what you
thought of me...and believe me, it was an effort to just keep quiet. SO
don't complain about being run over, Eddie. You do it too. and much more
often than Aaron does. WAY more often.

>> Hmm, sorry for being too lazy to use it. I think the "comprendi" at the
>> end was a good indication of the tone though.
>I DID NOT say you where lazy.

NO, Eddie, it sounded sarcastic, as if you were grinning like a weasel at a
small child who didn't know what you knew. WHICH isn't the case.

>Then don't type those "silly symbols" and be misunderstood. Its better to
>take the time to be understood clearly, then to be misunderstood and have to
>waste even more time by correcting the misunderstanding. Its not a waste of
>time to be clearly understood. I meant that human stereotypes ARE NOT funny
>or amusing, but that for example, the Matador Gundam
>( with a bulls head as
>part of its upper body, is funny looking. A Gundam is a fictional, soulless
>machine, for God's sake! Your acting like a Gundam is a human , being
>degraded or something. I wasn't making fun of any Gundam's from G Gundam,
>just saying that some of them look funny, as in different looking.

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