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>Richie Ramos wrote:
> > >oy! thanks! (also to the other feller who responded. i forget names)
> > >i actually found a 1/100 airmaster a while ago. i
> >
> > >gee...this airmaster...makes a pretty passable gerwalk (if you don't
> > >transform the legs :)))
> >
> > Actually, considering the way it transforms, you get a very passable
> >
> > It's a nice take-off on the Zeta system, but it's pretty much a
> > transformation, nothing as complicated as the Zeta itself. And the
> > on the kit itself, the panel lines and grills and all that is simply
> >
> > "Magic is the hand of faith..."
> which one is easier to transform, the airmaster or the wing zero?

uhm...i was talking about the 1/144 ;) (haven't done the 1/100 yet)

BUT, scale is no big a deal.

apologies to g-wing fans (including me, hehe)...but methinks the wing zero
is disappointing (as is the wing gundam). they're the kind of mechs that
are better left on the animation cel (just like the original heavyarms, and
endless waltz wing zero and endless waltz nataku). the wing gundam looks
like a dragonfly, actually.

and both neo-bird modes..erhm...suck.

that said...i'd say the airmaster is easier to transform and looks much
better too (it doesn't compare to the macross-style fighters though).

overall transformation is just the same. twist the waist, twist the head
(or take it off, in the 1/144), hike up the knees, flip the wings and voila!

it's the screwy little details on the wing zero that make transforming it to
neo-bird mode such a hassle. the funky split-wings of wing zero are a bit
prissy. as are the heel boosters.

as an aside, the airmaster transformation kinda feels more feasible. wing
zero and wing gundam have to catch their rifles with their shields and catch
the shield/nosecones-with-rifles on their backs...doh!


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