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>> In a message dated 9/8/99 10:01:28 PM Mountain
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>> The scale's all wrong. External resemblance aside,

>> the Ball is not the same size as the Space Pod from

>> 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's about 10 to 12 meters
>> in diameter. The MS scales to the human as the Ball

>> scales to a beach ball.
> Who cares about scale in a SD game?

Ah, but Dafydd was right in terms of playing the game
in real MS size (height 18.0m and up). I should have
that in mind when I mentioned the game as either real
size or SD. Either way they'll work very cool and
funny, but w/ real size MS, we can also play fantasy
NFL game replacing current human plyers. Comparing the
stats are just as interesting.

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