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> >Eddie, I said I didn't have any problems with G Gundam. Why do you also
> >to make your comments sound rude?
> Look man, I was trying to be clear in my reasoning, instead of tossing out
> a bunch of one liners that doesn't really make any sense. I am sorry you
> have to take it the wrong way, but no rudeness was intended. (Why do I keep
> apologizing? I feel like I am apologizing to a thug who just ran me over
> and insisted that it was MY fault, hehe :) :) :)

Now, it appears, to me, that your smileys are there to be a smart butt. Don't
use smileys now, as I can't take them as a joke, since even with three
smileys, I am called names like "thug". Its really childish to use name
calling. I DID NOT run over you, nor did I want or ask for an apology from
you. And if I did run over you, I DID NOT mean to. So, now I'm the villain
because I got tried of your rudeness to me, is that it? I have keep quiet as
long as I could, because I didn't want to ruin the atmosphere of this ML, but
I don't have to be talked rude to, even if that's not your actual intent. I
don't want to argue or otherwise get into it anymore, so please don't come
back with any more rude comments. I just don't have to deal with rudeness.
Even though this is an ML, it's still a public place that deserves to be a
decent place to visit.

> >Can't you use smileys or something to
> >indicate weither you are being serious or joking?
> Hmm, sorry for being too lazy to use it. I think the "comprendi" at the
> end was a good indication of the tone though.

I DID NOT say you where lazy.

> >I wasn't making fun the G
> >Gundam stereotypes, I was just talking about funny looking some of the
> >Gundam's in G Gundam are. Which is okay, since G Gundam is an alternate
> >Gundam story.
> Let's take a look at what you wrote here:
> > g gundam takes this stereotype (as opposed to diversity) to an extreme.
> an
> > extreme so unfunny it's laughable.
> That's what I meant.
> Aaron
> ^^^^^
> You agreed that the G Gundams were unfunny, and now you are saying they are
> funny-looking. I stand corrected. :) ^-^ ;) <- are these enuf? God I
> hate
> wasting time typing up these silly symbols.
> Eddie

Then don't type those "silly symbols" and be misunderstood. Its better to
take the time to be understood clearly, then to be misunderstood and have to
waste even more time by correcting the misunderstanding. Its not a waste of
time to be clearly understood. I meant that human stereotypes ARE NOT funny
or amusing, but that for example, the Matador Gundam
( with a bulls head as
part of its upper body, is funny looking. A Gundam is a fictional, soulless
machine, for God's sake! Your acting like a Gundam is a human , being
degraded or something. I wasn't making fun of any Gundam's from G Gundam,
just saying that some of them look funny, as in different looking.


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