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> ~snip~
> >> Eddie
> >What do you think I am, a dummy? I'm not, I understand all this. Are you
> >joking or being rude? There's no smiley or anything. I mean, jeez, don't
> >insult my intelligence, dude. Do you have something against me or
> >I mean, you've posted some replies to me, sometimes, that sound awful
> >because there was no indication otherwise.
> >Aaron
> Eddie,
> I have to agree with Aaron. the way yah put your reply was in no small way
> very rude. OF COURSE we know that bandai has to make money, OF COURSE we
> know what the target market is.
> We all know that bandai wants sellable merchandise...HELL, we wouldn't be
> on this list if we weren't all availing of gundam merchandise one way or
> the other.
> I don't know if you delight in harrassing people by being rude, but damn,
> you sure make it look that way. And please don't hide behind the argument
> of "why so serious?" or "can't you see that I'm really like this" or
> whatever else to that effect.
> I've kept my peace and I have stayed quiet about all this due to the fact
> that I didn't want to ruin the atmosphere of the ML, but I would rather say
> this than let things go on as they are.

I tried to keep my peace with Eddie because I didn't want to ruin the
atmosphere of this ML, either. I just got tried of Eddie's rude sounding

> Eddie, it wouldn't hurt to learn the real use of iconics -- they're not
> just for cutie displays or decoration. those iconics also determine if a
> particular statement is meant to be taken seriously or as a joke.

That's right. Iconics help people to understand the tone of a message.

> You have knowledge to spare on Gundam, but all that knowledge will be
> useless if not delivered properly.

I agree.


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