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> Hey, forget it. I was coming from the one stereotype (which I incorrectly
> attributed to you) thinking another stereotype (we MNF beer guys) was worse
> or better. I could care less what specific sports you like/don't like and
> I'm glad to hear that you have interests other than what's on this list.
> Not enough of people like you, you know. Honestly, snakebites (beer and
> cider together) taste much better than beer. But I'll drink a decent beer
> (read: not Bud/MGD/etc.), too.

I sure will. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm glad we where able to
understand each other.

> Back to Gundam, since MS limbs seem to have similar limitations in movement
> to human limbs (not counting the alien looking ones) why aren't more
> arts type moves displayed in the series? I mean during times when a MS is
> out of ammo or it is too close to use its main weapon, etc. and it's on the
> ground? I'd think some sort of heat saber parry/wrist throw to the ground/
> saber to the back attack might work.

Yeah, I know what you mean. It would be great to see more martial arts type
stuff in Gundam.


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