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> When me and my friends get together we play video games and eat and drink,
> kind of like the MNF thing. Nothing against sports, but I can't STAND
> football at all. I've forced myself to watch football and couldn't stand it
> past 5 minutes. It was like trying to do something you totally hate, I just
> couldn't do it :) The only sports I can watch and enjoy, are extreme sports.
> There's noting wrong with sports or anything else, I was just saying I don't
> care for sports. Besides I'm in a wheel chair and can't play sports. I don't
> usually tell people this, because its not required and don't want people to
> think I want pity, which I don't. I can't play sports because I have limited
> strength. I have tried beer and hate the taste of it. I love pizza by the
> way. I would hang out with other people if I could, but a wheel chair can't
> go everywhere. I like rock concerts. I also like to watch snow boarding, the
> X games on ESPN2, etc. I also played in my high school band and went to
> football games that I could go to with the band, and was bored to death. I
> enjoyed playing on the field and side lines, but didn't enjoy watching
> football. If I insulted anyone by accident, I didn't mean to and apologize if
> I did. I have never cared for sports as far back as I can remember. I like
> lots of stuff besides what I listed, sports and beer isn't one of them,
> that's just my personal preference. If I was walking, I would be into martial
> arts, and martial arts competitions.
> Aaron

Hey, forget it. I was coming from the one stereotype (which I incorrectly
attributed to you) thinking another stereotype (we MNF beer guys) was worse
or better. I could care less what specific sports you like/don't like and
I'm glad to hear that you have interests other than what's on this list.
Not enough of people like you, you know. Honestly, snakebites (beer and
cider together) taste much better than beer. But I'll drink a decent beer
(read: not Bud/MGD/etc.), too.

Back to Gundam, since MS limbs seem to have similar limitations in movement
to human limbs (not counting the alien looking ones) why aren't more martial
arts type moves displayed in the series? I mean during times when a MS is
out of ammo or it is too close to use its main weapon, etc. and it's on the
ground? I'd think some sort of heat saber parry/wrist throw to the ground/
saber to the back attack might work.


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