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>Eddie, I said I didn't have any problems with G Gundam. Why do you also have
>to make your comments sound rude? Can't you use smileys or something to
>indicate weither you are being serious or joking? I wasn't making fun the G
>Gundam stereotypes, I was just talking about funny looking some of the
>Gundam's in G Gundam are. Which is okay, since G Gundam is an alternate
>Gundam story.


>> Eddie
>What do you think I am, a dummy? I'm not, I understand all this. Are you
>joking or being rude? There's no smiley or anything. I mean, jeez, don't
>insult my intelligence, dude. Do you have something against me or something?
>I mean, you've posted some replies to me, sometimes, that sound awful rude,
>because there was no indication otherwise.


I have to agree with Aaron. the way yah put your reply was in no small way
very rude. OF COURSE we know that bandai has to make money, OF COURSE we
know what the target market is.

We all know that bandai wants sellable merchandise...HELL, we wouldn't be
on this list if we weren't all availing of gundam merchandise one way or
the other.

I don't know if you delight in harrassing people by being rude, but damn,
you sure make it look that way. And please don't hide behind the argument
of "why so serious?" or "can't you see that I'm really like this" or
whatever else to that effect.

I've kept my peace and I have stayed quiet about all this due to the fact
that I didn't want to ruin the atmosphere of the ML, but I would rather say
this than let things go on as they are.

Eddie, it wouldn't hurt to learn the real use of iconics -- they're not
just for cutie displays or decoration. those iconics also determine if a
particular statement is meant to be taken seriously or as a joke.

You have knowledge to spare on Gundam, but all that knowledge will be
useless if not delivered properly.

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