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>> Yah...if there was a Philippine Gundam, I'd bet it
>> would look like either one of our Katipuneros (with
>> bolo and that round hat, or it would look like one
>> the ancient datus, with a square shield, a bolo or
>> spear, and a g-string look. ugh. and maybe a yo-yo
>> weapon.
>Particularly they have Gundams for Malaysia and
>Singapore, but not other SE Asian countries? Not being
>stereotypical here, Richie, the one thing that strike
>me the most about Imeida Marcos (former 1st lady of
>the Phillipines) is her traditonal dress she wore on
>all public occasions, you know, the white top with
>oversized shoulder pads like Gouf Flight Type? This +
>the designs u mentioned above make a good Philipino

Sorry if there are loyalists on the list, but please don't mention that
woman's name to me. She is not a fit topic for discussion here, and I'd
rather not go into the details of it.

Her dress, however, is an example of the national costume that we have. A
female Filipino gundam? not a bad idea!

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