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> There should be no problem to fill up Zeon MS at
> almost every position. May I suggest Gogs as OTs/DTs
> because it can push back Gundam's hyper-hammer in
> "0079"; Gouf Customs and Kampfers form the linebacking
> corps, with Gouf Custom can also fill in as safety due
> to its excellent running ability (a la Rod Woodson and
> Carnell Lake of the Steelers); "Perfect Zeong" (i.e.,
> 0079's Zeong with a pair of completed legs) as the QB,
> it height (approx. 38m) reminds me of Brett Favre and
> a bit of Dan Marino. The Zaku IIs for special team/2nd
> team, etc.... I'm a bit hard pressed with Gundams &
> GMs (as they are) in the line up 'cos they r a bit
> fragile. How about "Perfect Gundam" or "Full Armored
> Gundam" of MSV to fill in for the rough stuff, with
> nu-Gundam as QB? There r lots of possibility for a
> MS-NFL fantasy game, just a thought. :)

Bloodbowl is more like Rugby in that the bulk of your team are
linemen/GM/Zaku. Then you have up to two Blitzers/Gundams/Doms/Gelgoogs, up
to two Catchers/Runners/Guys-that-have-little-armor-but-can-move-really-fast.
And up to two Throwers/Blockers/Whatever. There can other combinations, this
one is just based on a standard team. Anyway, when I come up with enough
correct sized models, I'll play a game and see how it works out.


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