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> are bullfights all that they know of spain? that's why they designed the
> matador gundam that way? are zebras all they know of kenya? are snake
> charmers all they know of india? are mummies all they know of egypt?
> windmills? aaaaaaaaa!

You do have to admit that each Gundam is easily identifiable with the country
of its origin. Are these stereotypes intended as an insult or as a parody on
what we all think of each other? I think it's the latter. I've watched G
Gundam many times, and I can only really see the parody, not any intended
insults. When I saw the Neo-Kenya Gundam, I thought, "Zulu-Gundam! Cool!" I
saw no insult, only a laughable parody.

If you are offended by the MS designs in G Gundam, maybe you should reflect
on what exactly it is that offends you about it. I like the Neo-North
American Maxter Gundam. I don't like Football, and Boxing seems a bit
overdone in my opinion (not quite as bad as Pro-Wrestling), but I can
identify with the Maxter. It looks like what non-North Americans may think
about North Americans. And I think it's cool.


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