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>> But this is not the silliest design in G Gundam.
>> There are lots of them. The Danish "Mermaid Gundam"

>> is a transformable mobile fighter - a fish-like MA
>> in water, or a half MS, half sea-monster mecha in
>> mobile fighter mode; the "Kenyan Gundam" is
>> stereotypical aboriginal Masai people live in
>> today's East Africa, with a Gelgoog like African
>> shield and a hunting spear; the "Indian Gundam" is
>> snake charmer... I think I better stop here ;)
> Yah...if there was a Philippine Gundam, I'd bet it
> would look like either one of our Katipuneros (with
> bolo and that round hat, or it would look like one
> the ancient datus, with a square shield, a bolo or
> spear, and a g-string look. ugh. and maybe a yo-yo
> weapon.

Particularly they have Gundams for Malaysia and
Singapore, but not other SE Asian countries? Not being
stereotypical here, Richie, the one thing that strike
me the most about Imeida Marcos (former 1st lady of
the Phillipines) is her traditonal dress she wore on
all public occasions, you know, the white top with
oversized shoulder pads like Gouf Flight Type? This +
the designs u mentioned above make a good Philipino

I've got 2 more Gundam ideas for two SE Asian
countries. For Vietnamese Gundam, it has a big conical
straw hat (worn by farmers); for Thai Gundam, a Buddha
body with a 4-faced Gundam head!

> oh my.

You can say it again.

"你會看到時代的眼淚" ("You shall withness the tears of an era.")
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