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>> ... anyway, back to Gundam world: fancy the MSs in
>> NFL match up, with shoulder-spiked Zakus & Kampfers

>> on one side & Gundams & GM on the others, getting a

>> hold of the hapless RB-79 "Ball"? anyone? :-)
> Actually, my bother and I play Bloodbowl a lot, and
> we've be working on miniatures to use in a game. GMs

> and Gundams on the Feddie team and Zaks and Gelgoogs

> for the Zeons.

There should be no problem to fill up Zeon MS at
almost every position. May I suggest Gogs as OTs/DTs
because it can push back Gundam's hyper-hammer in
"0079"; Gouf Customs and Kampfers form the linebacking
corps, with Gouf Custom can also fill in as safety due
to its excellent running ability (a la Rod Woodson and
Carnell Lake of the Steelers); "Perfect Zeong" (i.e.,
0079's Zeong with a pair of completed legs) as the QB,
it height (approx. 38m) reminds me of Brett Favre and
a bit of Dan Marino. The Zaku IIs for special team/2nd
team, etc.... I'm a bit hard pressed with Gundams &
GMs (as they are) in the line up 'cos they r a bit
fragile. How about "Perfect Gundam" or "Full Armored
Gundam" of MSV to fill in for the rough stuff, with
nu-Gundam as QB? There r lots of possibility for a
MS-NFL fantasy game, just a thought. :)

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