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>> ...anyway, back to Gundam world: fancy the MSs in a

>> NFL match up, with shoulder-spiked Zakus & Kampfers

>> on one side & Gundams & GM on the others, getting a

>> hold of the hapless RB-79 "Ball"? anyone? :-)
> Uhoh. This sounds like an idea for an SD Gundam
> story... (Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid...)
and SJ wrote:

> Actually, my bother and I play Bloodbowl a lot, and
> we've be working on miniatures to use in a game. GMs

> and Gundams on the Feddie team and Zaks and Gelgoogs

> for the Zeons.

The SD element is certianly there, Chris, but
originally I thought of this because of arcade
football games I played before, where the regular
human football players were replaced by humanoid
robots with wheels (sort of like MS-06V "Zaku Tank",
but much faster of course). Someone earlier mentioned
in this ML the very possibility of robots performing
human tasks. Now withness the annual robo world cup
soccer match we have each year, so (non-SD)
Gundam-style MS playing sports remain possible. While
it's still a distant dream right now, throwing in a
little SD element for our imagination never hurts,

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