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>it's just that when you live in a country that's been maligned since the
>beginning of time (exaggeration, but you get the idea), you get more than a
>bit testy when it comes to these things -- stereotypes.
>nevertheless, this is just a minor quibble (makes you wonder what i do with
>a major quibble) and doesn't deter my enjoying g gundam.

Well, for me it was quite a shock to watch G gundam for the first few
episodes and see characters that look so '70s, to be so stereotypical that
I was really praying that the philippines did not have a Fighting gundam.

And yes, the Philippines has been much maligned in the USA and in Europe.
My father still recalls some really ignorant persons over in New York
asking him if Filipinos still lived in trees. And I recall some
%^#$^%*$^%$^%!!! foreign teenage kid I was forced to tour around the city
asking if Filipinas really were little brown ****ing machines. He also
told me that we Filipinos should be thankful america colonized us, or else
we would still be so backward. I nearly threw him unto the path of an
oncoming bus. Luckily, I opted for subtle revenge and simply didn't warn
him about how some of the food over here isn't really suited to american
tastes and physical tolerances.

anyway, back to the question of stereotyping. IS G gundam pushing the
limit of acceptable stereotyping or not? Personally, I hardly notice it,
and just chalk it up to lack of time and pacing for the characters to be
fully fleshed out.

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