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Wed, 08 Sep 1999 20:22:57 PHT

oy! thanks! (also to the other feller who responded. i forget names)

i actually found a 1/100 airmaster a while ago. i

and sitting beside it was a gundam book of some sort. something 'gundam
fix' (??) collection of hajime katoki. i flipped through it, and i liked
what i saw (lotsa nifty artwork).

it costs about...$91 (at a 1:40 peso exchange rate). not bringing around
that kind of cash, i just had it reserved. :P anyone know it is i just
reserved and if it's worth it?

(actually...the question is moot, since i'm committed to buying it
anyway...but i'm such a sucker for art books (not only gundam)...well, hey,
if ya can't read japanese, ya gotta love this book, heh.)


gee...this airmaster...makes a pretty passable gerwalk (if you don't
transform the legs :)))

> >does anyone have the 1/100 airmaster and 1/100 airmaster burst?
> >how does the transformation go? do you have to take off their heads
> >in 1/144 scale) to flip them to fighter mode? or do their heads somehow
> >collapse into the chest (like zeta?)
> >i just grabbed the 1/144 airmaster and airmaster burst from toy kingdom
> >(they're loaded with gundam x this time...and that darned 1/60
> >i have a feeling they'll kick out the 1/100 after a while...
> >-ddd
>In the 1/100 version, it has a neck which slides backward and the head has
>to be turned 180d facing to the back, and then the front chestplate
>"unfolds" to cover the head. after that, everything is pretty much like
>the 1/144. Another note. The X 1/100 stuff has extra weapons -- in this
>case, a pair of missiles mounted on TOP of the wing root(shoulders).
>I would suggest getting the Airmaster over the Airmaster burst for one good
>reason: it can stand up with minimal problems. the Burst version has a
>problem standing up due to the way it was constructed. although I would
>admit that the shotgun it comes with is way cool.
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