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Wed, 08 Sep 1999 20:11:01 PHT

>So can anyone please tell me wat the animation of G Gundam
>looks like? Is it comparable to Gundam Wing? 'Cos I have
>Gundam X and sometimes, the animation seems a bit . . poor
>compared to Gundam W. maybe cos G X has real fighting but
>then . . ..
>So, wat is the animation quality like ? Wat is it
>comparable to ?

well, for a circa '94 production, it feels like late 80's animation quality
sometimes (because the character designs are just so 70's -- long thin geeky
arms and legs).

g gundam also waxes silly-cartoonish -- eyes bug out of their sockets and
arms and legs flail (like something out of looney toons, heh) -- for comedy
effect, usually done with the chinese kid. the designs are definitely

overall, i say g gundam animation is at least on a par with g wing. less
stock footage than g wing. mecha fighting is ok but always too short. it
doesn't compare to f91's much hyped fighting sequences and gives daimos a
run for funky moves (think streetfighter/mortal kombat fighting moves
translated into mecha)

i don't think g gundam caters to the bishonen phenomenon as much as g wing,
so you have butt-ugly character designs sometimes (george d'sande is so
freaking ugly, i don't know how he's supposed to be the aristocratic pretty
boy. and i thought trowa's hairdo was bad...shiver me timbers! chibodee's
hairstyle looks like something straight out of the psychedelic 80's...not
bad, but takes some getting used to).

dunno how g gundam compares with gundam x, animation wise.


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