garrick lee (
Wed, 08 Sep 1999 19:52:52 PHT

>It's a sad day when people laugh at ethnic and cultural stereotypes instead
>of celebrating the diversity of the human race...
>We are not even close to the age of New Types.

er...those are two different things, eddie.

ethnic and cultural *diversity* is good and acceptable and encouraged.
but ethnic and cultural *stereotypes* are not very welcome (to me anyway).

g gundam takes this stereotype (as opposed to diversity) to an extreme. an
extreme so unfunny it's laughable.

i wonder how much the mech designers and producers of g gundam know about
the different cultures of the world. it feels like they just designed the
gundams based on what little they know of other cultures -- that "what
little they know" bit translates into an unwelcome boxing in of other
cultures. it's ridiculous. especially when that stereotype represents
only a minority of that culture (if not a misconception. fortunately i
don't readily see any that's downright false in g gundam).

are bullfights all that they know of spain? that's why they designed the
matador gundam that way? are zebras all they know of kenya? are snake
charmers all they know of india? are mummies all they know of egypt?
windmills? aaaaaaaaa!

and be honest, i'm glad they didn't do a philippine gundam. lest
they come up with some little brown monkey gundam (the revolutionarist
"katipunero" gundam might be better -- but that's from the dark ages of
philippine history still...). after all, that's what the rest of the world
thinks of when they hear "filipino". that's one of the ugly stereotypes.
either that, or maybe a cheap maid gundam to go with the butler gundam.
crappy images like that still persist -- sad but true. (and being a pure
chinese, i'm not too thrilled about the chinese stereotype either...)


ok, enough of that little rant. my apologies.

it's just that when you live in a country that's been maligned since the
beginning of time (exaggeration, but you get the idea), you get more than a
bit testy when it comes to these things -- stereotypes.

nevertheless, this is just a minor quibble (makes you wonder what i do with
a major quibble) and doesn't deter my enjoying g gundam.


chill pill time :P

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