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> As for me, I got to agree w/ Alfred because I am a NFL
> fan for many years. I'd chicken wings for brunch for
> every sunday during NFL seasons & my weight suffered,
> but that's worth it, 'cos I can see my favorite
> defensive tackles picking up fumbles and run for their
> dear lives to score a touchdown... plus all other
> football bloopers typical to Autumn sundays... anyway,
> back to Gundam world: fancy the MSs in a NFL match up,
> with shoulder-spiked Zakus & Kampfers on one side &
> Gundams & GM on the others, getting a hold of the
> hapless RB-79 "Ball"? anyone? :-)

Actually, my bother and I play Bloodbowl a lot, and we've be working on
miniatures to use in a game. GMs and Gundams on the Feddie team and Zaks and
Gelgoogs for the Zeons.


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