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> In a message dated 9/7/99 10:22:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> jokyng@ipoline.com writes:
> > funny??? i think you will be surprised at how dramatic the series is.
> > don't be fooled by the funky characters, the story is real good. also, it
> > is afterall animation, don't get too serious about what make sense and make
> > doesn't. just watch and enjoy it.
> >
> Thank you for telling that its a good story. I really will watch it when I
> get a chance and will try not to judge it. I was talking about the mecha
> designs may be a good laugh, not the story itself. I should have made myself
> more clear.
> Aaron

take it from me...at first I just shrugged off the idea of g gundam being shown
here, but when I watched it I saw that it HAS a story...albeit a bit predictable
at times. I really like the Master Gundam (from the show, not the kit though...)
and the Devil Gundam...

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