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>>> While being an American, I don't fit the beer and
>>> pizza Monday Night Football
>> I don't either. I can't stand football. To me,
>> football is sooo boring. As is other sports. On the

>> other hand, I like to play Tennis video games, but
>> can't stand to watch it on TV.
> Can you stand to, maybe, *play* a sport? Talk about
> your stereotypes, I'm one of the few people I know
> that likes anime, computers, sci-fi yet also likes
> sports (watch and play), musclecars, rock concerts,
> etc. Football is more fun to watch if you can play
> it, same as basketball. Take something with you to
> the next game, as it were.
> You should try the beer and pizza MNF thing. There's

> a whole world of new people you can meet if you try
> different things. Hang out with skiiers or
> snowboarders, too. They may get a new perspective
> on you, too.

Guys, don't get too personal here... liking American
Football or not is everyone's taste really, there's no
need to get so edgy about it.

As for me, I got to agree w/ Alfred because I am a NFL
fan for many years. I'd chicken wings for brunch for
every sunday during NFL seasons & my weight suffered,
but that's worth it, 'cos I can see my favorite
defensive tackles picking up fumbles and run for their
dear lives to score a touchdown... plus all other
football bloopers typical to Autumn sundays... anyway,
back to Gundam world: fancy the MSs in a NFL match up,
with shoulder-spiked Zakus & Kampfers on one side &
Gundams & GM on the others, getting a hold of the
hapless RB-79 "Ball"? anyone? :-)

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