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> Can you stand to, maybe, *play* a sport? Talk about your stereotypes, I'm
> one of the few people I know that likes anime, computers, sci-fi yet also
> likes sports (watch and play), musclecars, rock concerts, etc. Football is
> more fun to watch if you can play it, same as basketball. Take something
> with you to the next game, as it were.
> You should try the beer and pizza MNF thing. There's a whole world of new

When me and my friends get together we play video games and eat and drink,
kind of like the MNF thing. Nothing against sports, but I can't STAND
football at all. I've forced myself to watch football and couldn't stand it
past 5 minutes. It was like trying to do something you totally hate, I just
couldn't do it :) The only sports I can watch and enjoy, are extreme sports.

> people you can meet if you try different things. Hang out with skiiers or
> snowboarders, too. They may get a new perspective on you, too.

There's noting wrong with sports or anything else, I was just saying I don't
care for sports. Besides I'm in a wheel chair and can't play sports. I don't
usually tell people this, because its not required and don't want people to
think I want pity, which I don't. I can't play sports because I have limited
strength. I have tried beer and hate the taste of it. I love pizza by the
way. I would hang out with other people if I could, but a wheel chair can't
go everywhere. I like rock concerts. I also like to watch snow boarding, the
X games on ESPN2, etc. I also played in my high school band and went to
football games that I could go to with the band, and was bored to death. I
enjoyed playing on the field and side lines, but didn't enjoy watching
football. If I insulted anyone by accident, I didn't mean to and apologize if
I did. I have never cared for sports as far back as I can remember. I like
lots of stuff besides what I listed, sports and beer isn't one of them,
that's just my personal preference. If I was walking, I would be into martial
arts, and martial arts competitions.


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