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> > While being an American, I don't fit the beer and pizza Monday Night
> Football
> I don't either. I can't stand football. To me, football is sooo boring. As is
> other sports. On the other hand, I like to play Tennis video games, but can't
> stand to watch it on TV.

Can you stand to, maybe, *play* a sport? Talk about your stereotypes, I'm
one of the few people I know that likes anime, computers, sci-fi yet also
likes sports (watch and play), musclecars, rock concerts, etc. Football is
more fun to watch if you can play it, same as basketball. Take something
with you to the next game, as it were.

You should try the beer and pizza MNF thing. There's a whole world of new
people you can meet if you try different things. Hang out with skiiers or
snowboarders, too. They may get a new perspective on you, too.


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