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Tekkaman Blade ran 49 eps in japan in 92(? I think) I have all but a 6 or 8
episodes in the 30's. After the Destruction of the Space Knights base in 26,
the characters scatter.

They go on a road trip for 10 eps or so to eventually meet up at the SK base
in antarctica (maybe North Pole?). The road trip section is where my missing
eps are, but basically thaey visit the homes of the main chars. for
background devolopment. Formulaic, but effective. They also take out the
other Tekkamen in these eps.

They meet back at the snow base and are chased by Evil there and there is a
HUGE showdown there.

It took me 2 years to find what I have and, I've spent 2 more years trying to
track down the missing eps w/ no luck.

Tekkaman 2 is a six ep OVA done in 95. Its pretty good, but somewhat cuter
than the original. Enjoyable, but certainly not heralding a new TV show.

If you like this show, you can get a 3 episode OVA called Detonator Orgun in
a similar vein. I believe US Manga released it. Same style but done by Kia

Hope this helps,
Erik, the original Gundamboy

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