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> > No, I don't think you are. The stereotyping of characters and mecha
> > me, too. (And I'm Japanese!) All the characters are heavily
> > according to their nationality. The one that sent me rolling on the
> > laughing was the Dutch Gundams with the windmill...
>Really?!?! That's very much a Dutch stereotype. Explain this, did the Dutch
>Gundam look like a windmill or did it have a windmill on its back? That is
>very werid.

uhm...did it *look* like a windmill or *have* a windmill attached to its
back -- neither. that particular gundam IS a windmill. :)

it's so funny, you have to look at it. take a stroll through the mecha
domain. it's got most all the gundams (all series) in there.

take a look at mermaid gundam (denmark), and original shuffle alliance
mecha. and the zebra gundam (kenya). and the matador gundam (spain). and
tons other uber-funky designs.

the pharoah gundams (egypt) were actually cool though. zeus gundam looked
like something out of daitarn/daimos era...

while we're at g gundam. why is the minaret gundam (turkey) on the show
different from the minaret gundam posted on mecha domain?


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