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>> No, I don't think you are. The stereotyping of
>> characters and mecha bothered me, too. (And I'm
>> Japanese!) All the characters are heavily
>> stereotyped according to their nationality. The one

>> that sent me rolling on the floor laughing was the
>> Dutch Gundams with the windmill...
> Really?!?! That's very much a Dutch stereotype.
> Explain this, did the Dutch Gundam look like a
> windmill or did it have a windmill on its back? That

> is very werid.

The Dutch Gundam has a windmill torso, with the
windmill 'fan' stuck in front of it.

But this is not the silliest design in G Gundam. There
are lots of them. The Danish "Mermaid Gundam" is a
transformable mobile fighter - a fish-like MA in
water, or a half MS, half sea-monster mecha in mobile
fighter mode; the "Kenyan Gundam" is stereotypical
aboriginal Masai people live in today's East Africa,
with a Gelgoog like African shield and a hunting
spear; the "Indian Gundam" is a shake charmer... I
think I better stop here ;)

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