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Tue, 07 Sep 1999 18:20:58 EDT

>From: "garrick lee" <dum_dee_doo@hotmail.com>
>about the only thing that bugs me in g gundam is it's political scenarios.
>that the gundam designs are pretty stereotypical (stupidly so) are a given.
>that the main hero of the show is japanese is a given. what i want to know
>is if the show's producers are trying to say something (in the context of
>old world war 2 wounds).
>is it just me or do they have something against UK? what with the episode
>on the has-been drug addict john bull gundam. and america, france, russia
>and china are hyped up so much? the gundam spiegel just showed up, so
>we'll have to see how germany is treated.
>am i reading too much into it?

No, I don't think you are. The stereotyping of characters and mecha bothered
me, too. (And I'm Japanese!) All the characters are heavily stereotyped
according to their nationality. The one that sent me rolling on the floor
laughing was the Dutch Gundams with the windmill...

mirai y

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