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>>> The knee joints are not so good IMO, since they are very
>>Yeah, I've done that...very for the knees, am thinking of
>>shving a bit off the thigh's knee area to make it bend more.
> I was thinking about doing that, but only for my *second* 79G kit..
>I'll have to *find* it first though.
> Lately Bandai has been releasing quite a few old kits: CCA and F91.
>Wonder if they will redo 0080.
>Lim Jyue
>ICQ: 24737555

HLJ seems to have it in stock.

anyway, am now working on a kit which I made "katay" (used for spare
parts)...a GM from fitting the 0083 gp01 legs (from the extra
stuff in my gp01fb kit -- 1/144). am also adding some stuff from my zoid
wrecks to it. interestingly enough....the polycap and stick system of the
hip area is similar if not the same for both kits. am also adding new
hands, as well as a new backpack and a few other things.

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