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> Hahaha... when the Japanese stereotype American with a football player
> you guys say it's dumb, but when a gaijin stereotype the Japanese with
> a chubby mobile suit named Sumo you guys think it's way cool.
> At least I am not the one chugging down beer and pizza in front of a TV
> on Monday night...

While being an American, I don't fit the beer and pizza Monday Night Football
stereotype, since I don't care about foot ball at all, nor do I drink often

But as to the Sumo, I just finished one last week. I thought it looked a lot
more masculine than the Turn A, so I posed the Sumo in a classic James Bond
stance and draped the Turn A at the Sumos side (much like you did with the MG
GM). With a Flat on either side like bodyguards, I just could not stop

If any of you guys out there have both the Sumo and the Turn A, you should
try posing them like this. You won't stop laughing either.


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