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Tue, 7 Sep 1999 04:10:10 -0700

>>Yep, the football player looking MS is dumb, espically since it's an american
>Hahaha... when the Japanese stereotype American with a football player
>you guys say it's dumb, but when a gaijin stereotype the Japanese with
>a chubby mobile suit named Sumo you guys think it's way cool.
>At least I am not the one chugging down beer and pizza in front of a TV
>on Monday night...

In Model Graphix's G Gundam book, there are early development drawings of
the Mobile Suits.

-Gundam Maxter was to have a cowboy hat and a big american flag painted on
it's shoulder.

-Gundam Rose had a foreign legionaire look, with a kepie and cape like
shoulder armor on both sides

-Bolt Gundam had a big framed cockpit window on it's chest, (like a tie
fighter's window) and a big star on it's shoulder instead of it's ball.

-Dragon Gundam's early design was reused later in the series to represent
the Dragon gundam from fight #4. It has dragons on it's shoulders instead
of it's arms.


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