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> Actually, I've only seen G Gundam yesterday when I was watcing Gundam
>08th MS TEAM 1-8 on VHS... because I was thinking on which episode GW
>would be, so I popped into the local channel and much to my surprise,
>There was G Gundam.
>Well... the ONLY thing I like about G Gundam is the control system...
>because you have no need for throttles and stuff... since you need only
>body movements and the mobile suit will synchronize with you.

That sucks, if you have the flu does that mean the mobile suit will have
sneeze fits with you? Or what if you are physically challenged? And how
do you transform?

>The story's quite "Too Much"... like when I saw it, I was sooo pissed at
>it because the storyline's VERY different from the other Gundam
>installments... it is waay to different from all of them... it's so
>Un-Gundam like. It's like a super-hero gundam story. Not like the other
>gundam installments, military stories of war, death & peace ideals. (Not
>to mention pilots being stabbed in the cockpit by a beam saber.)


I just read an essay that discusses what is the essense of "Tomino Gundam"
and applied the critical elements to the non-Tomino Gundam shows. Lo and
behold, G Gundam was truer in spirit to Tomino's Gundam series despite
the lack of superficial similarities. I will post a synopsis soon, but very
basically there's a "family" element and then there's an "enemy" element
that's very prominent in Tomino's Gundam. As for the family element,
generally the show's hero forms a family with a bunch of strangers and form
a stronger bond than his blood family (Amuro and Camille are prime examples).
For the "enemy" element, there's a lot of interaction between enemies in
Tomino's Gundams. Oftentimes they even see things much more eye-to-eye than
with their allies (examples include the Amuro-Lalah NewType connection,
Amuro & Char's common recognition despite their attitude as to how the
problem should be solved, Camille and Four's trageic relationship, etc.).

Applying the aforementioned (and more) elements to the Alternate Universe
Gundam shows, the essay's author declared that G Gundam came closes to what
Tomino's Gundam was trying to get at - in the show, Domon basically severed
relationship with his blood family - his dad was murdered and his brother
was apparently a renegade he had to hunt down. The "adoptive family" he
developed strong bonds with were Rain and the other inheritors of the
Shuffle Alliance guaridanship. By the show's end you also see the kind of
interaction the hero was engaged with the enemy.

>The characters design is not bad, but their powers, is like... Oh I don't
>know how to describe it. (Like crap probably.) And the way the characters
>portray themselves? Pathetic. It's like this Domon guy is the one who will
>help bring peace. The other pilots of the other good gundams are like his
>admirers... who are like GMs, they always get creamed while the main
>character gets all the credit.

Well, every pilot on the WB were basically supporters of Amuro's Gundam...

>Some questions popped into my mind, like, how does the Shining Gundam gets
>it's power output from?

Hmm, the pilot's chi?


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