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> I actually "reviewed" the 79G Command(o) a few months back, with
>Probe giving a lot of comments.... =)

Yup! I remember that! it's just that these kits are so nice, I couldn't
resist chiming in and affirming that they are nice kits.

>>The first detail I love is the way the ankle armor is designed...the ankle
>>armor is a separate piece from the leg. nice idea, but somewhat useless
>>since the leg armor hinders the ankle movement forward. but the thought
>>counts, and it is a nice thing to see.
> Two other points: The foot can actually flip back 90 degrees, giving
>it a goofy flying superhero look if held horizontally.. =)
> The knee joints are not so good IMO, since they are very restricted.

Yeah, I've done that...very for the knees, am thinking of
shving a bit off the thigh's knee area to make it bend more.

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