garrick lee (
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 13:32:56 PHT

waitaminut...where'd you get a 0080 gm ? (or was that a kit you bought long

the only gm i see around is the 8th ms team. (and the 1/144 rx 77 classic).

speaking of f91...i just saw a couple dozen 1/60 f91 kits (toy kingdom).
that had me flustered since i'm sitting on a 1/100 i bought a few weeks ago.
  darn. i think bandai did this on purpose to irk me.


> >thanks for the reviews... can u give more details on the skirt armors?
> >they movable? or are they like sazabi? :(
> >cheers,
> >peng soon
>The skirts are movable, employing a construction similar to the f91 kits.
>no polycaps, but the skirt parts do move.
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