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> What is the difference between this one and the first one? As far as I can
> tell, the only series that the first one didn't cover that this one does
> Turn A. I thought both of G Generation and G Generation Zero follow each
> series pretty closely, so they seem to be essentially the same game. I
> the first game and I've just started playing it, but I'd get the new one
> except I can't tell what the difference is between the two. Are there any
> notable differences?

    The first one had Gundam the original series, one stage of 08th MS Team,
one stage of Gundam 0080, A few stages of 0083, Zeta, Double Zeta and
finally, it stopped at Char's Counterattack. G Generation Zero focuses more
on the less covered series in the first one, also bringing in many series'
that weren't even in the first one. A lot ot noticable differences.


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