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> I don't like way the MS designs are made. First, a Gundam dressed as a
> Football
> player or a French soldier is way too stupid. Well, I do like the design
> the
> Dragon, Shining, Spiegel & the Russian gundam. I like the way that Master
> Gundam
> wraps his "cloak" around him, but those "horn" things have got to go.
> Some questions popped into my mind, like, how does the Shining Gundam gets
> it's
> power output from? Well... it's too early to judge, but maybe i'll do some
> research and maybe i'll get to like it.

I agree with you on the designs. The ones you like I like too. The Devil
Gundam is very werid, his feet transform into a Gundam head?!?!.... Okay...

Yep, the football player looking MS is dumb, espically since it's an american
stereotype. Most football players I knew in High School, only like girls and
sports. That's not true for every football player. I can't stand sports, I
like video games, anime, and sci-fi and fantasy books, cartoons, Babylon 5,
that kind of stuff. I wish I could find a local anime club. How does one go
about finding a local anime club? I could start one, but don't know what you
do in an anime club, other then watch anime. Anyway, is G Gundam a good anime
worth watching?


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