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> Who knows, I haven't seen G Gundam. After looking at the G Gundam designs,
> there's lots of mecha that didn't make it to injection, resin, or toy form. I
> guess G Gundam didn't do extremly well in Japan. Almost all the other Gundam
> shows of kits of almost all the mecha, even if it gets just a few seconds of
> screen time. G Gundam's designs are different, but I'd love to have kits or
> toys of the mecha not made into toy or kit form at all.
> Aaron

Actually, I've only seen G Gundam yesterday when I was watcing Gundam 08th MS
TEAM 1-8 on VHS... because I was thinking on which episode GW would be, so I
popped into the local channel and much to my surprise, There was G Gundam.

Well... the ONLY thing I like about G Gundam is the control system... because you
have no need for throttles and stuff... since you need only body movements and
the mobile suit will synchronize with you.

The story's quite "Too Much"... like when I saw it, I was sooo pissed at it
because the storyline's VERY different from the other Gundam installments... it
is waay to different from all of them... it's so Un-Gundam like. It's like a
super-hero gundam story. Not like the other gundam installments, military stories
of war, death & peace ideals. (Not to mention pilots being stabbed in the cockpit
by a beam saber.)

The characters design is not bad, but their powers, is like... Oh I don't know
how to describe it. (Like crap probably.) And the way the characters portray
themselves? Pathetic. It's like this Domon guy is the one who will help bring
peace. The other pilots of the other good gundams are like his admirers... who
are like GMs, they always get creamed while the main character gets all the

I don't like way the MS designs are made. First, a Gundam dressed as a Football
player or a French soldier is way too stupid. Well, I do like the design of the
Dragon, Shining, Spiegel & the Russian gundam. I like the way that Master Gundam
wraps his "cloak" around him, but those "horn" things have got to go.

Some questions popped into my mind, like, how does the Shining Gundam gets it's
power output from? Well... it's too early to judge, but maybe i'll do some
research and maybe i'll get to like it.

Hope not.

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