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If you did, then you'd thought they hate Australians in the Original Gundam
series :)

Also, the US did get dropped in 0083...

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> >I was looking at the Resin kits from G Gundam and G has some weird idea's
> >and
> >designs, but they are neat, but not Gundam like compared to the other
> >Gundam
> >shows. Master Gundam on a robot horse?!?!
> yes, it is silly. but is it really any sillier than humanoid mechs in the
> first place? is it realy sillier than...say, master asia downing several
> mechs by himself (without aid of his mobile fighter)? are all the
> out-of-this-world kung-fu in g gundam not silly? :P
> >I have no problems with G Gundam,
> >but the designs are very different, makes Gundam look like Super Hero
> >show.
> i thought that was what g gundam precisely was -- a superhero robot show
> (all those wacked out kung-fu moves don't help...hehe). it doesn't fall
> into a war story category (as all the rest of the gundam shows). instead,
> it's shaping out to be a "cain vs. abel" story. (but then, it's only the
> 17th episode here in the philippines, so we'll have to see...)
> about the only thing that bugs me in g gundam is it's political scenarios.
> that the gundam designs are pretty stereotypical (stupidly so) are a
> that the main hero of the show is japanese is a given. what i want to
> is if the show's producers are trying to say something (in the context of
> old world war 2 wounds).
> is it just me or do they have something against UK? what with the episode
> on the has-been drug addict john bull gundam. and america, france, russia
> and china are hyped up so much? the gundam spiegel just showed up, so
> we'll have to see how germany is treated.
> am i reading too much into it?
> -ddd
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