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> << The Invid Fighter and Battle Pod? I don't even know there are Invid
> Fighter kits! And I haven't seen the Pods since I left Hong Kong 10 years
> ago. Actually what are Invid Fighters? I know the Macross and Orguss bad
> guys, but I am not familiar with Robotech terms.
> Any comments on those kits? Are they injection? Price? Quality?
> >>
> they aren't kits, they are American made toys. The Invid come in two
> varieties, a little red scout version, and then the infamous purple version
> which, suprise surprise, opens up to reveal a cockpit for a pilot.

    The Invid Fighter is a Robotech Master Bioroid, designed to fight the
    Invid. OTOH, Matchbox/Playmates got the name wrong, the toy is actually a
    regular Bioroid as opposed to the more advanced Invid Fighter seen in the

    See these links for more info:

    Southern Cross toys & models

    Robotech Tech File Bioroid entry


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