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<< The Invid Fighter and Battle Pod? I don't even know there are Invid
 Fighter kits! And I haven't seen the Pods since I left Hong Kong 10 years
 ago. Actually what are Invid Fighters? I know the Macross and Orguss bad
 guys, but I am not familiar with Robotech terms.
 Any comments on those kits? Are they injection? Price? Quality?
they aren't kits, they are American made toys. The Invid come in two
varieties, a little red scout version, and then the infamous purple version
which, suprise surprise, opens up to reveal a cockpit for a pilot. As for
the battle pods, they too open up to reveal a cockpit for a pilot. And I
must say that the cockpit on the toy is a lot roomier then the crampt
quarters in the actual show. The real laugh is the "Scott Bernard" figure
from Mospeada that has the back pack half on and half off. They are ok, but
the models for the Pods are better.


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