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her's another review of kits I just got:

The 0080 GMs, both the ground and space versions.

These two are basically the same kit, with the only difference being the
backpacks (the space GM has verniers all over the backpack) and the weapons
-- the Ground GM has a projectile weapon, and the space GM has a beam pistol.

Now, on to the kits.

It comes as no surprise to me now why these kits are considered darn good.
The pieces are very simple, limb halves and torso halves. What got me is
that there was a minimal number of polycaps! and it's just as well, since
the design ethic calls for simplicity. The proportions are close to the
NT1, but the GM's are spared the blockiness of the NT1 kit by virtue of
being slimmer in the torso area, and by having thinner legs. the arms,
which look small and stubby when still in assembly, end up being just right
once the kit is completed.

A note on the arms: the arm halves may look like they are poorly pinned by
onlt one major pin and a small old-style guide-pin, but they fit together

The shulders also make for great proportioning, since the shoulder plates
are propoerly thin and functional looking. The hand are a bit of a
problem, though, since the stubby trigger finger seems to be out of place
on such a fine kit. The shield is nice, but looks rather fragile, as is
the shoulder antenna (originally on one side of the head, if I remember my
now bash-fodder Zeta GM). The little details, however, make the kit so

The first detail I love is the way the ankle armor is designed...the ankle
armor is a separate piece from the leg. nice idea, but somewhat useless
since the leg armor hinders the ankle movement forward. but the thought
counts, and it is a nice thing to see. The other one is the visor
plate...translucent green plastic, and there is actually enough space in
the head to make scopes fit in there for a filled-in feel to the noggin.
The two sabers, located at the butt plates are a nice innovation, is
perfectly done, and the length of the sabers are somewhat unusual, making
them seemingly belong more to a prototype than anything else. Of course,
this gives credence to the fact that a GM can kick zaku butt any day, if
pilots are of equal skill. Another nice detail is that the elbow plates,
which look like elbow pads, gives it a more human look.

The hands allow the 0080 GM to use the HG 1/144 rx78's weapons, as well as
the HG 1/144 rx178's. It using the Nt1's rifle is a foregone conclusion,
of course.

Another plus: with a bit of modification, the arm and leg armors of the
NT1's chobham suit fit well over the GM's body...which is what I'm doing
now, giving the Ground GM the leg armor (attaching some zoid weponry...),
and the Space GM the shoulder stuff. I've decided to forego the use of
the forearm armor.

There ya go! a classic kit all around.

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