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On Sat, 4 Sep 1999, Marcel Tualla wrote:
> Last weekend was the annual Anime Convention (combined with the comic/sci-fi
> convention) here in Toronto. And man was it gooooood!

Ahh too bad I was too busy.

> Toys and Models included the Invid Fighter and Battle pod form the “Robotech”
> toys line (still looking for the transformable Valk, the hover tank and the

The Invid Fighter and Battle Pod? I don't even know there are Invid
Fighter kits! And I haven't seen the Pods since I left Hong Kong 10 years
ago. Actually what are Invid Fighters? I know the Macross and Orguss bad
guys, but I am not familiar with Robotech terms.

Any comments on those kits? Are they injection? Price? Quality?

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