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On Sat, 4 Sep 1999, James Boren wrote:
> The Sentai formula is evident in the original Gundam as well.
> Leader- Amuro
> Big guy- Ryu
> Kid- Hayato
> Renegade- Kai
> The Girl- Sayla
> you don't notice this in the series because the characters are allowed to
> act against the stereotype and come alive. The formula fits, but the White
> Base crew are worlds apart from the Gatchaman or Voltron characters.

well as u know, the personalities don't fit. And there are other White
Base crews too.

The 08th MS Team itself, actually fits a lot better, here we have exactly
5, a leader, a big guy, a renegade, a kid and a girl. Except the girl is
not the leader's romantic interest, the kid is not a wiz kid. There even
is an old guy as crown/mascot. But of course there's none of the cheesy
stuffs you expect from Sentai shows, maybe it's a heavily disguised

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