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>>tangential answers. I think that veilchen is asking why there aren't
enough of h artwork on gundam, not whether or not it's moral, ethical,
yucky or what. that's a different question.
> Well said! Thanks! Now, is anyone possibly gonna try drawing an "H"
Nobel x any Gundam? I just gotta see
> the Nobel Gundam "in action" ^^;
>Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

BWAHAHHHA! Mecha hentai action! to be honest, some gundams do have err,
anatomical irregularities, of which the TurnA's flying codpiece is but the

The Zeta, of course, has a very spiky codpiece, which flips upward in the
MG to enable the hip mechanisms to spread-eagle to waverider position.

The Deatscythe hell custom 1/100 seems to have a hinged codpiece, which
swings upward...exposing nothing of importance inderneath. I am fairly
mystiied by this one.

The Devil Gundam, of course has a face on its crotch.

A lot of the zeon and federation suits simply love putting boosters or
radiator vents on the codpieces.

The Gyan has a cylindrical protrusion where the groin is located.

Of course, there are a lot of MS's which also have breast/chest weapons,
like the ehavyarms, the leopards, the kapool.

To be honest, it's all in the mind. after all, it is just MS, LOL!

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