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>Huh!? All those ladies and Hamaan & Allenby aren't in it?

Hamaan gets the nude Newtype astral projection scene with Judau Ashta in ZZ.

Allenby gets to squeeze into the skintight Trace System bodysuit, as does
Rain Nakamura -- the only female MF pilots of whom I'm aware.

>The manga are less restricted than the anime and the Tomino novelizations
>go farther still, with scenes that would never make it in anime. (My
>personal favorite is the "talisman" that Mobile Suit pilots require from
>>their ladies, which is all the more poignant for being based in reality.)
> Talisman? What? Is it like a "lock of hair" or something?
> Tomino-sama may be a lot cooler than I thought :)

Got it in one and, yes, Tomino's way cool. He's managed to push the
envelope in directions no one imagined before, as evidenced in Gundam. He
killed off the entire cast of Ideon and had them floating around naked
(ectoplasm apparently doesn't extend to clothing) for the last 10 or 15
minutes of the show. He put dragonfly-winged fairies in not one but two
giant robot shows (Dunbine and L. Gaim) and had a human-piloted giant robot
piloting a super-giant robot with the alternate form on a battleship in
Xabungle. (Imagine a Valkyrie Battloid in the bridge of the Macross like a
human in the cockpit of the Valkyrie.)

One wonders what the man would do if he ever had free rein.


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